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You can organize your team on workspaces and projects and keep track of the tasks you create. With the perfect notification and alert feature, no task will be forgotten anymore.

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TaskPano Job Tracking and Project Management Software

TaskPano is a process tracking application that enables tracking the task processes, job tracking, and project management.

You can assign tasks to all your team members, view the reports and deadlines of work, and tasks assigned to you, and easily keep all the work reports in relevant groups.

You can safely use TaskPano to manage different units (departments) and projects in your business and increase productivity between units.

TaskPano offers you uninterrupted access over the web. In this way, you can easily follow all the work and project stages from anywhere on the web or from your mobile devices (with Android and IOS application support).


The Benefits of Using TaskPano for Your Business

It helps you to follow your work tracking and project stages securely on a single platform, to dominate the entire workflow and to work without interrupting your work.

With TaskPano, you can complete projects quickly by reducing time loss. You can save time and cost by directing your team correctly with TaskPano.

Your team members can add you as a spectator to their work. So you don't have to constantly check which jobs and projects are completed and when.

With Taskpano, you can instantly receive task notifications when the status of tasks changes, and you can track which job is next.

Maximum Efficiency with Fast and Easy Project Tracking

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Mobile Application Support

You can easily use our Android and IOS applications, which we have developed for easy use, on any device.

Instant notifications about developments and assigned tasks with its Push Notification feature.


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